Continuous story of my daughter and her baby

Well my daughter will be having her baby on June the 27th. She’s a little excited and a little scared at the same time about going to the hospital to have the baby and she says she can’t wait for her baby to be born and she’s freaking out because she doesn’t know exactly what to bring for the baby to the hospital. She said that she’s going to be very picky on who she is letting hold her baby. She says that she’s so afraid that she’s not going to be a good mom to her new baby boy but I know she’s going to be a great mom because of the way I watch her with other children. Plus, I’ll be right by her side to help her whenever she needs the help. I think it would be best after the baby is born is to have all three of them (Karissa, Robert, and Castiel) be baptized at the Mount Zion Baptist Church. After all that’s where I was baptized. Mount Zion Church is the best church I’ve ever been to and I like to go there because is very nice and caring people there. Thank you for reading this and God bless you all.

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