Choosing the best maid service for your home – How to settle with the best?

Researching for a maid service company or hiring one needn’t be a daunting task if you can follow a few worthy tips on choosing the best maid service company. While there are many who decide to hire a professional maid service company because they hate to clean their house, especially the bathrooms, there are some others who prefer hiring a maid service only for those areas which they are not able to do on their own.

People hire a cleaning team because they don’t have the energy and time to handle necessary housework which is of more priority in their already busy lives. They usually choose the monthly or bi-weekly expense due to the value that it offers them. They get the chance to focus on the commitments which can’t be outsourced to other people. So, here are the best ways in which you can settle down with an appropriate maid service.

#1: Check whether the staffs are insured and bonded

Would you wish to have someone working within your home that doesn’t have comprehensive liability or even the basic workman’s compensation coverage? It is always better to ensure having the peace of mind to assure that your home and you will be protected and safeguarded in case the inevitable happens.

#2: Seek referrals

It becomes easier to hire a good cleaning service if your neighbors, friends or colleagues refer you to a worthy maid service. While the families, home and budget will be different, you have to start off the selection with the referral list as this is one of the best ways of beginning to look for the best maid service.

#3: Ask about taxes

Majority of the trustworthy cleaning services will take good care of all the taxes related to employment and hence you needn’t worry about that. The companies which utilize sole contractors aren’t definitely in your best interest or within the legal boundaries and they will most probably leave you with a possible liability on your taxes. On the contrary, independent cleaners won’t have to report tax liabilities. So, before you fall for a cheaper service, you have to enquire how the provider can take care of this vital responsibility.

#4: Choose only professionals and experts

It is always necessary to choose a cleaning company which is insured, bonded and is always dedicated to best quality service. When you choose a company which abides by the aforementioned standards, this can become beneficial for several reasons which include having a dedicated cleaning plan, a team that is always available and consistent quality standards. Above all, they should have a trusted reputation.

#5: Let them be honest about their screening process

The best maid service companies will screen their employees on the best standards. The screening process should include the verification of identity and also a trace of Social Security, criminal history of the federal database, local criminal check, employment history, credit history, history of employment verification and drug screening. They should put in their best effort into hiring the right people which are committed to taking best care of your homes.

#5: Believe in your instincts

Your instincts will prompt you how much comfortable you are with a specific cleaning service. Continue to ask questions until you feel satisfied. Try and be honest about your concerns and assessments. The ultimate purpose of hiring the maid service is to get back the energy, time and peace of mind. If any of the aspects are missing, don’t hire that service.

Therefore, as you can see, it is not much of an intimidating task to hire the right maid service. Make sure you follow the above mentioned points to choose the cream of the crop. There are too many shady companies which send maid of questionable character. To cut off this feeling of insecurity, you should try and choose the worthiest one.


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Written by Virily Editor