Cheater Signs of Cheating

There are some people who cannot straight if being so in love with someone. The mere fact, there are signs that their partner is cheating on them and taking advantage of that situation. In the end, it is definitely a failed relationship. There are unlucky ones who can’t find true love from others and continued to be cheated because they find hope in their heart.

Here are the following early signs that your partner is cheating:

1. Lame Alibis

There are so many activities asking for approval with poor alibis. It is a part that sometimes you can catch them off-guard. However, the cheater continued to escape because there is no proof of being cheated. It simply because they can still manipulate your feelings because of love and trust.

2. Started to Socialize with Friends

It is a time that cheaters will simply say that I need to patch up things with old friends and you are not included in this social activity. As it says, I need to give him or her time to his or her friends. There is no reason why you are not included. That’s something new for him or her to do.

3. Unscheduled Travel

You were surprised that your partner has unscheduled travel. After working for the whole weekdays, weekends became business trip schedules. It happens and we can’t say why because it seems a valid work-related agenda.

4. Going to the Gym Late at Night

It seems realistic, right? A cheater will suddenly decide to do some exercises in the gym late at night. A simple alibi, he or she doesn’t have time during daylight.

5. Random Changes of Work Time Schedules

Cheaters have all the alibis for having overtime work. It doesn’t appear to be weird because some working people always have this kind of job. There is no reason to think twice about why he or she needs to stay in the office more than the working hours.

6. No Time to Interact

There is no time to have a substantial conversation. The cheater simply brushed off certain topics and remained listening without saying anything at all.

7. Silence Mode Manner

Most of the time cheaters started to be in silence and do things to entertain themselves without you at their side. You don’t know what’s running in their minds. That’s the frustrating part.

8. All the Blame is On you

He or she blocked all your suggestions. If it fails, it is all your fault. You can’t deny the fact, that there is no compromise situation and lost the feeling of worth in the relationship. Life turned upside down without explanation from him or her.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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