Censorship – 2

Censorship is not blanket, save for a handful of words.  Censorship is biased.  It is imposed by those who do not wish a different point of view.

For example, on Facebook you will see page after page posted by various racists.  When they commit murder and the media reports this, the page is taken down.

The question, why was it there in the first place?   Didn’t anyone notice?  Wasn’t there any kind of application which scoured Facebook for this nature of post?

The hatred, the anger was obvious to any who saw it.  Yet, the pages were up until after the event.

If, however, you are on Facebook, and call Trump or his supporters stupid, your account will be suspended.

You are free to post as much pro-Trump propaganda as you choose, from his disparagement of the Obamas and Biden and their supporters to his backing of hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19.

This is because Censorship is selective.  



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