Cards I

About how the cards came to the Europeans, and today there are several theories. It is likely to have arrived from China, India and Persia and certainly in the second half of the fourteenth century, because since then originate first church ban promising hell to anyone who is gambling and succumbed before the “work of the devil.”

Composition and appearance decks differ from country to country, but the situation was similar with the number of cards. Italian spli, for example, had 56 cards. The usual 52-card deck, which is the most widely used today derives from the French maps from the 15th century.

Historians still speculate that the cards with four characters – clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts (clover, leaf, heart and diamond), representing four layers of medieval society. Tref also symbolize the peasants (clover food for pigs), peaks aristokrafiju (as spikes on the spear, the symbol of the Knights) Diamond rich and the church elders hertz. King of Hearts Charlemagne – Frankish king crowned the year 800, the first car of the Frankish Empire and the first car in Western Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. or Charles VII winner – the King of France from the Valois dynasty that ruled in the mid 15th century.

He managed to liberate France from the English during the Hundred Years War and reform the army and the state. or Charles VI Crazy – It is interesting that in most decks king’s heart only has a mustache. The reason for this should be sought in the mode of production of these cards. Some less skilled producer, says the story, poorly made wooden mold and so altered the original design of the map.

The king’s heart is so lost the mustache, and the original ax He replaced the sword. Some see this as an intention to present itself as the king Charles VI Ludi (did not have a mustache) and who was mentally ill and who was said to be killed by the sword proburazivši. Therefore, this map is sometimes called the “suicide king”. King of Spades David – Biblical King of Israel and Judah. According to tradition, was the successor to the first king of Israel, Saul and the one that united the 12 tribes of Israel. King of Diamonds Julius Caesar – Roman general, politician and writer. King of Clubs Alexander the Great – the Macedonian king and the famous conqueror who created an empire that stretched from Greece to India.


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