Blue Castle Chefchaouen, Morocco

Blue Castle Chefchaouen, Morocco

on the northwestern part of Morocco is a very quaint town, Chefchaouen, known as the Blue City. This picturesque town is situated at the foot of the mountain Rif, only 4 hours from the city of Fez. It is unique precisely because everything here is painted in blue, door, walls, facades, windows, streets … Yes, exactly those narrow streets dominated by a sky blue color are a paradise for tourists who want discovering attractive and somewhat unusual areas, and the old Moorish and Spanish architecture make it absolutely inevitable tourist destination. The old part of the city abounds with streets that are full of cafes, restaurants and shops with souvenirs and fabrics, but also valuable artifacts still not known in the rest of Morocco. Surrounding fields of the city are known for growing marijuana, which is here – and hashish, easily available for purchase and consumption. Where blue color in? Apparently the city during the 30s of the last century Jewish refugees stained in blue, and if we take into account that the Jews blue color symbolizes the sky and paradise that sounds like a plausible theory because they considered Chefchaouen city that saved them.


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