Blow Back – 7

Emily was on the border of falling in love with Dylan. She had only been in love once before.

In love,thinking of marriage, and then learning that her beloved had a longstanding relationship with a married woman who worked at his office.

Having been introduced to that worker by her ‘beloved’ as ‘Mrs’ she had never for a moment thought that her darling Nick was meeting her for’lunch’ on Mondays and Thursdays.

And even when told they went to lunch it did not register, until she learned that they had ‘lunch’ at a particular motel.

In a particular room.

Emily was beyond crushed. It wasn’t just that Nick was unfaithful, after all, they were ‘only’dating. It was that he would date her with a serious twist, making her think of him as ‘fiance’ when he was deep in an affair with a married woman.

Emily had vowed that she would never get involved with a man who had any ‘deep’ relationship with another woman. Regardless of who that woman might be.


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Written by jaylar

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