Blog: Job update & ootd (outfit of the day)

With the switching of my job, I have been loving it and making time to get my workouts in post completing my overnight shift. I have been working now with these clients for 3-days and everyday I’am just picking up on little things to make adjustments going into the next day to make my job a lot easier. Luckily, I have worked with the clients before, so the behaviors are nothing new. So far, it has been a blast and I feel I made the better and less stressful decision by leaving my most recent job. I hope all is well with you all : )   

The outfit shared is a combination of two items that I actually found thrown out inside of a bag in the alley. I searched inside of the bag, looking for extra clothing items for my clients, but found only a few things that fit them. Both of these items shared fit me perfectly and were hard to just pass up because I didn’t know where they would be going being that they were placed with regular trash near the dumpster. 

  1. Plaid shirt by Zac & Rachel
  2. Skinny jeans by Epic Threads

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