Basilica Cistern is certainly a living enigma

Basilica Cistern is certainly a living enigma

. If you look at the map of the city, located between the Hagia Sophia and the Hippodrome, or underground. Yes, this is the point from which the city drew strength in moments longest siege. It was built during Emperor Justinian in the sixth century. and represents the underground tank of large impact capacity of more than 80 000 m3 of water. The dimensions of the tanks are about 140 to 65 meters, with about 8 meters high columns.  poles are especially a work of art, there are 336, and carved in Ionic and Corinthian style. Particularly interesting are the pillars of the jellyfish in the base. Basilica Cistern is now filled with about half a meter of water, and restocked the goldfish, which occasionally emerge and the whole atmosphere gives a mystical moment. A remarkable sense of awakening and illumination of red, which is very impressive, taking pictures allowed,


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