Basic Principles to Create Effective Google Banner Ads

Every established and good company, big or small, is found running with banner advertisements to attract audience and traffic to their online website. It has become one of the most common ways of online advertisement. A good ad design company like Google ad design company creates exceptional design banner campaigns that could expand brand awareness, affordability, and measurability. They also have the quality and ability to maximize relevant traffic that can be converted into sales and overall profit of the company. Web banner ads are used by most of the companies to re-focus their customers even more effectively after monitoring their behavior. A few basic principles act as a guiding path that ad designers can implement in their ad development strategy for a remarkable result.


Using a standard structure and size to create web advertisement banners will lift the traffic base to the website. Some of the most standard banner sizes are leader-board, half-page, medium, and large rectangle. Leader-board sized banners are featured on top or sometimes inserted into the article. Half-page banners, on the other hand, are generally featured either in the right or left side of the website while medium rectangle sized banners are embedded within or at the end of the article. At the ending section of the article, the large rectangle banners should be placed.


Naturally, people are attracted to the things inside the frame. That is why it is always recommended to put a frame on your ad to make your ad potential enough to attract more leads.


You must use those texts on your banner that are easily readable and clear to your preferred customers. The texts on your banner will convey a message to those customers, hence, you should try to keep it clean, simple, concise, and reachable to the readers’ mind. Make sure that the customers can grasp the meaning of the message your banner carries instantly.


Animated banners are more expressive and distinctive as compared to other forms of banner ads. Most of the advertisers are starting to use animated banners as they realized that using animated banners shows remarkable results. Animated banners are performing much better the old forms of advertising. You can use them in the best way by not displaying more than 15 secs and a maximum loop frequency of three times.


An appropriate and suitable file format will help your banners be displayed perfectly on the websites or blogs of the publisher. The most effective and commonly used file formats are JPG, PNG, GIF and, HTML. Additionally, you should always avoid outdated flash ads as far as possible.


When it comes to advertising ads, colors play an important role in the representation of the message you want to convey on your banner. Color can influence the emotions of your customers at first sight. You can take some time and put adequate efforts to analyze the customer base you want to attract.


To make your banner attract more traffic, creating a sense of appeal and adding a call-to-action button is necessary. But it should be made clear and easily understandable by the viewers at an instant glance. It will help increase the click-rate and fetch potential customers.


A well-structured and descriptive landing page can convert the visitors into customers. A consistent website will never let the customers get confused and lost but will attract them. But for this, you will have to make sure that the landing pages are relevant to the message conveyed in the banner ads.


Complicated banner ads are liable to leave a negative impact on the customers. Visitors will not glance at your ad for more than a few seconds. So, try to make your ad as simple as possible that it can convince the customers in a few seconds.

By following these basic principles, you can design an effective banner ad. You can also take the help of providers of Google banner design services and expand your business and its operations using this powerful tool.


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