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When you get caught between the rain and San Diego, I know it’s crazy, (because of the drought), but it’s true.  If you get caught between the rain, and San Diego, the best that you can do, is pray for fog.  It rained last night.  They said it would rain on Saturday, but instead, I got rained on, during my nightly walk on Friday.  Thankfully, I started my walk early, but I also had to head home early.  Oh well.  At least no more mosquitos.

And this morning, while I was enjoying my chilaquiles, (which I made myself), I also noticed something else:  No more flies!!  Yes!!  No more flies.  The fall has officially begun.

I love the rain.  The only thing I love more than the rain, is well, a cake.  (Let’s just call it that, ok?)

How do I like my eggs?  In a cake.

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I prefer not to eat eggs.  I will only eat them if there is nothing else to eat in the house.  I always gain weight if I eat eggs every day.  I noticed that in college.  I have learned to just stay away.  Eggs, every day?  I can’t go for that!!  Besides, it’s not like they’re meat.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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