Avaz Twist Tower Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Avaz Twist Tower Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the highest building in the region and one of naspektakularnijih facilities throughout Europe, whose facade is screwed to 2.8 degrees per floor and a total of 90 degrees at a height of 142 meters, the architectural masterpiece of Faruk Kapidžića and construction project more than 200 construction and other companies from BiH and their thousands of workers. The imposing tower a total height of up to 175 meters, has 32,000 square meters, was built in a record is less than three years. Opened in May 2009 godine.Utemeljen to 30 meters below the surface, Avaz Twist Tower carries 23,000 cubic meters of concrete and three million kilograms of iron. Inside the tower is installed over 10,000 lamp posts. The facade was installed from more than 200,000 different parts, invisible from the attractive glass

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