As Protests Continue to Support Palestinians…

Thursday, 5.27.21

This post is about supporting and freeing Palestinians as well as condemning and exposing Zionists and Zionist Israel. Jews, Blacks, and many other people are joining together to Free Palestine. Protests and rallies have continued worldwide. 

Some celebrities spoke up for Palestinians, although few Zionist celebrities, like Debra Messing, support Zionist Israel. The Zionists felt left out, and they decided to have their own Zionist rallies for Zionist Israel. The often clashed with the Pro-Palestine Protests. As I write this post, I realize this could be another form of dividing the people into sides—Pro-Palestine verses Pro Zionist Israel sides. These divisions are going to continue, regardless of what the topic or subject is about…

#1 ‘OF COURSE Israel Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians!’ – Israeli Anthropologist Corrects Debra Messing

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Katie Halper interviews Israeli Jewish Anthropologist Jeff Halper (no relations) about Zionist Israel ethnic-cleansing the Palestinians to steal their land since 1948. They cancel the idiot Zionist Jewish actress Debra Messing’s bullshit rant promotions on the internet. Jeff states that Zionists brainwashed Jewish people to follow the Zionist agenda instead their Jewish religion.

#2 BLM for Palestine | Inside America with Ghida Fakhry

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Many black people support Palestinian rights and a Free Palestine from Zionist Israel.

Dua Lipa as well as Bella and Gigi Hadid speak out for Palestine and condemn Israel.

Talib Kweli, African-American rapper, supports Palestinians and their rights.

Abdel Rahmana Al-Shantti is a 12-year-old Palestinian rapper in Gaza, rapping about his life there.

Zellie Imani, Co-founder of Black Liberation Collective, and Maytha Alhassan, Historian/Journalist, discuss the situation to Free Palestine.

I agree that USA police is trained by Zionist Israel that is why their acts are similar.

Malcolm X and Jimmy Carter supported Palestinians.


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