Art & Creativity – Part 2..Broaden your Range

Some people never leave their home town…

They don’t do anything new but always what is expected of them..

We were born to be free..

Creativity is the wings of invention

even though necessity is the creation on invention…

So, Broaden your range..

Try new things..

Here, in the thumbnail.  I put an oil painted on old wood that was used to cover up a new window, after the stone from the lawnmower broke it. 

Just waves I took from a photo, but the headland in the background is made up.

I don’t often do oils, but I like oils better than acrylic, I only use acrylic because it is quick to dry. 

So, I put out a challenge.

Try something new, even if it is only a new recipe…

After all, its fun..

#2 Beyond the Box..

Yes, that’s right, it is a box.

I did a creativity course with the Learning Connextion, and they had a substance called, “Highbuild.” I think it is something that builders use.

I loved using highbuild it resembles meringue and you can paint over it. It is an old cigar box, think I gave it away.

A Monarch Butterfly is on it, one that I raised from a caterpillar on a Swan plant. 

Ever tried to breed Monarch Butterflies? They are easy to breed and have a lot to teach you. 


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby

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