Have you felt unappreciated? I was able to make this poem late night when I was sleepless, because I have too many thoughts that’s bothering me. In my workplace, it’s like they’re always waiting for me to commit mistake so they’ll have reason to blame me. Even those whom I cared for and called Friends in the workplace. It’s the sad truth, when in fact I am not working to compete, I work for the common goodness of our organization.

Glorious are those days that there’s much to spare

Applauded on the victorious honors received

Proud of the outcome production with awesomeness

But gone after the downfall of almost everything.

Where has everyone gone?

It’s true that not all that smiles are friends

Not all bloodlines are connected

Not all that surrounds will defend

Instead, they’re like owl’s big eyes surveillance

Waiting and finding faults in everything

Like sharks ready to crumb

Attacks and kills the weakest

Apathy awaits after the surge

Waiting for another bait

There’s more to witness

More to lay on the table with the plates

Who’ll be there to eat on the feast

Together with the righteous

Never mind the persecuted


What do you think?


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