Advantages Of Having Polished Concrete Floor

A new favorite among homeowners is polished concrete flooring. These floors had previously been designated only for the basements and commercial spaces, but their requirement is now changing. The aesthetic appeal of this kind of floor is raised because of its new advancements into the abilities to stain concrete and seal. The versatility of these floorings is such that it matches every need. You can have them in the kitchen, basement, garages or even in your living them. This has also helped it to compete with other types of floorings such as granite or marble or slate flooring. The difference of cost between these floorings is not too high either. There are several benefits of using polished concrete flooring in your residence or office. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors:

Besides the versatility of that these floors have to offer, there are other benefits which are listed below:

Durability: Concrete floorings are known for their sturdiness and durability; this makes them highly sustainable. People who are interested in building homes that are environmentally sustainable give a nod to the polish concrete flooring first. The polished floorings are sealed and are non-porous, hence it doesn’t allow the debris and dirt to penetrate, thus makes them sturdy.

Long-lasting- These polished concrete floorings are long-lasting. If they are properly sealed and maintained, then the floors can last longer. These floorings are known to be highly resilient which means that they can withstand heavy traffic and high pressure, thus making last for decades. Although there are floorings which can offer the same features, polished concretes are a cheaper deal.

Great value offer by treated Concrete- Besides being extremely sustainable in quality, polished concrete flooring is also quite cost-effective. It can be said that it is that cheapest flooring option that is available in the market. One fact that is to be kept in mind here is that concrete generally comes pre-installed in most of the houses as the majority of the houses are built on slabs of concrete. The products that are added later, like, vinyl, timber, tile or carpets are laid over the concrete flooring. Because of this reason, it can be said that concrete is only second to the items of bare earth in term of primary outlay. Besides, polished concrete flooring ensures that its surface helps to reflect light and thus cut down the expanses of interior lighting. It also remains cool in summer and thus reduces the household electricity cost as well.

Easy to maintain– Another benefit of polished concrete flooring is that it is quite easy to maintain. However, other types of floorings demand vigorous maintaining routines. A carpeted floor has to be vacuumed, floorboards need to be waxed and floors of marble are quite prone to getting scuffs and thus it requires special attention and cleaning routine. However, in contrast to all of these, polished concrete flooring does not give place to stains and scuffs and it can be cleaned easily only by mopping. Thus, it saves you a great deal of energy and money as well.

Make them of different colors- If you have a notion, that concrete floorings are monotonous and mundane, then you can have different variations in the same by adding colours and other texture. If you already have installed concrete flooring, then you can get them acid-stained by making use of dyes or else you can paint it with waterproof latex paint to give it desired texture.

The above-mentioned reasons establish clearly the benefits of installing a concrete floor. It will not only enhance the look of the interior of your house but also will save you a lot of money in many ways.

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