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Hi my name is Stacie and I’m on disability and I wish I can find a car that somebody can donate to me. The reason why I would like to get a car donated to me is so that I can go to and from my doctor’s appointments that I have and having to run errands that I need to do having to take the bus, taxi (because they’re very expensive), and having to beg your adult kids for a ride to wherever i need to go. Plus, I can’t go out I’m always stuck home because I don’t have no Transportation or my own car to go anywhere or do you need anybody or even have fun I’m stuck at the house all the time.  and my youngest daughter that I’m living with both my bank card and my food stamp card because she’s afraid that I’m going to spend all of it on the stupid stuff that I don’t need. But the thing is I’m always buying stuff that I need she doesn’t understand that. Oh well, that’s why that’s my life. I guess I’m going to go to bed now I’m really tired thank you for reading this and God bless you all. 


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