A North Carolina woman wins $1 million dollar lottery jackpot

This blog is a very interesting story from North Carolina since Sue Manchester admits that she is not what we would call a “Lottery Freak” player who won the $1 million dollar jackpot on the North Carolina Colossal Scratch Game on a very unusual way.

The story started when Sue went on a lunch break last Friday when a co-worker texted her a message to purchase a can of Red Bull energy drinks.

Susan then went to one gasoline station to make an attempt to buy one can of Red Bull for her co-worker but since the gasoline station had a huge line to check out, Susan went to another gasoline station to purchase a can of Red Bull energy drink for her co-worker.

Susan remembered that her co-worker has been on a winning streak playing the Colossal cash scratch game and Susan decided to give it a try to see if lady luck was in her corner.

Susan did buy the Colossal Cash lottery ticket and the energy drink. I would have loved to have seen her reaction when she scratched off her lottery ticket and won the grand prize of $1,000,000 dollars.

Since Susan decided to take the lump sun of $1,000,000 dollars, after paying her fair share of taxes, she will receive $420,000 dollars net.

Rule of playing the lottery is to trust your hunches and if you have money to burn, then go for it.


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