A kidney transplant from a close friend to save a life in MIssouri

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This story is wonderful since it shows that a true friend will do anything in her power to assist a close friend in need.

Two Kansas City Missouri close friends since they were in college in Butler Missouri made some good news waves recently when Doncella Liggins who needed a new kidney to replace a kidney that was failing her for some time was wondering if anyone was willing to donate a kidney so she could live a longer life.

Doncella received the good news from the doctors who were taking care of her that a mystery donor kidney matched the one that Doncella needed so she could go on to live a healthier life after surgery to remove the defective kidney.

The time between Doncella getting a new kidney from the time that she received the good news and the successful surgery.

The mystery donor was Doncella’s close friend Beverly Burch who did not want to be identified as the donor who was going to give up on her kidneys to Doncella.

The surgery took place at Saint Luke’s Hospital recently. Before the surgery took place, Beverly decided to tell Doncella the good news that was the mystery donor which made Doncella very happy that a true blue friend from her past was willing to donate of her kidneys.

After the surgery was finished, Beverly has been visiting Doncella to make sure that she has a full recovery after the kidney operation.

Beverly admitted that she would do anything to assist any close friend who needed her help since that what good friends do to someone who is need of assistance.


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