5 Tips For Creating A More Welcoming Office Environment

Well, we can all agree that it’s been a crazy year; one with zoom calls in our PJ bottoms, figuring out new tech, mapping new plans and for some of us, the shift of moving into a new environment.

From the way we communicate to the office layout, this year has seen some significant changes in the corporate world, which have sped up processes that seemed at least another decade away.

We are running meetings through video-conferencing techniques and instant message boards more than ever before and yes, our desks will certainly not be as close as they once were. 

However, this doesn’t mean we have become robots.  

Now that we exit what seemed like a long winter hibernation, which seemed to go for an extra three months for some of us, it is time to focus on new beginnings.

There are ways you can still make your office environment welcoming to everyone, and here are my tips. 

Professional Coffee Machine In The Office:

A way you can create an office environment that will draw people in, particularly your employees, is by having a professional barista coffee machine in the office. You can also buy the coffee beans in Queensland from a local supplier.

As I said in the intro, just because we have had to adapt to new changes in a brief amount of time, it hasn’t turned us into robots. 

It hasn’t stopped us from wanting to communicate and build relationships with our colleagues over a cup of coffee, and if anything, I believe it has made the opportunity for us to meet and build a connection with people even stronger. 

Personalise it and make it comfortable and inviting:

When it comes to helping your workers feel motivated, letting them add a bit of vibrancy and life to their workspace can be a real winner. 

It creates a sense of individuality and can make them feel more valued and is a great way to boost workplace morale.

Besides, who wants a boring, plain cubicle? Innovation can create new beginnings. 

Muffle those mid-afternoon munchies:

How many of us get those occasions where you just get that need for a snack in the middle of the day?

Giving the option for snacks with nutritional alternatives can increase productivity.

It can also help if your workers know they don’t only have a small window during their lunch break to sustain themselves. 

Bring in the Brightness:

Unless you’re a vampire, it is actually 

healthy and a necessity for your body to receive a daily dose of Vitamin D to function. 

The brightness of a well-lit office also makes it more welcoming by giving clients a means to enter. 

Not only does more natural light in the office build endorphins which help to boost our mood, but it helps reduce costs on the utilities and overheads in the office.

Use accent colours to make it more inviting:

One thing that can make your office more inviting is to bring in a hint of colour. A great way to add this is through your furniture. 

Whether it’s a couch or the office chairs, an accent colour can help you to draw clientele in to conduct more business. 


Hence, when It comes to making your office a more friendly environment for both your employees and clients, remember:

Colour and a bright area can help boost mood and entice clients to your business.

Enable staff to personalise their area to boost morale and make them happier. 

Coffee and snacks can boost the productivity of your workers. 

May you all have a happy and hospitable work environment!


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