5 Things to Look for in Nanny

Deciding to hire a nanny is a major step. Not only is it a new expense you have to consider, but you’re putting a once total stranger into one of the most important positions in your house: watching your child. Hiring someone who’s going to hold such responsibility means you have to treat the process of finding just the right person with the utmost seriousness. Here are some attributes you’ll want to look for as you interview Orange County nannies.

1. They Should Love Children

It should go without saying that you’ll want a nanny that has a fondness for children. It’s not uncommon, however, for a nanny to be a caring person, but not particularly enamored of children. You should be able to tell from the first time you meet a nanny that they love being around children. It’s the kind of thing you’ll want to be able to see up front.

2. They Should Have Child Development Skills

Nannies are not merely babysitters. Whether your child is enrolled in school or preschool, you’ll want their education continued at home as well. Nannies should be familiar with age-appropriate activities to supplement their education. Also, it’s important that your nanny have first aid training and has CPR certification. Remember, your child’s life is in their hands.

3. A Nanny Must Communicate

You don’t want a nanny who is either shy or appears unwilling to listen. You’ll need to be given regular reports on each child’s progress, and you’ll want to know if they’re upset about anything, or if there’s anything else you should know. Furthermore, you’re going to be giving your nanny instructions, so it’s vital that they hear what you’re saying and carry out those instructions.

4. They Should be Organized

Chances are that you expect more out of your nanny than just staying home with the kids. If you want your nanny to take your child to school, or to a doctor’s appointment, or to a play date, you’ll need to know your nanny is the kind of person who can multi-task while simultaneously placing supreme importance on your child’s safety and well being.

5. They Should be Enthusiastic

More than just a sober adherent to the rules, your nanny should love their job. Children are unpredictable, so it’s important that they’re being watched by someone who embraces that unpredictability, and is willing to schedule the day around activities that are both fun and educational.

If you hold to these simple requirements, then your search among Orange County’s nannies is sure to result in the perfect nanny for your family.


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