5 Parts You Can Acquire from a Sourcing Company

The advancements in telecommunications have made the world more connected than before. You can reach any part of the globe with the help of devices like computers and phones. This propels the phenomenon of globalization or the operation of businesses on an international scale. Expanding by sourcing parts and products off-shore cuts down on manufacturing times and costs.

Here are some items that a product sourcing company can provide you with.

Metal Parts

Metallurgy is the art and science of fashioning metals for use. Some sourcing companies have employees who are knowledgeable and skilled in this area. They can create screws, springs, and rings through dying or vacuum casting. The molds required can also be designed by these individuals.

Other metal components like support systems, enclosures, and brackets can be manufactured as well. Their welders can stamp, roll, swag, and deep-draw raw metals for your products.

Plastic Parts

You may also find thermoplastic parts at a sourcing company. Many offer parts that come in a wide range of plastic resins. Depending on your needs, plastics can be shaped through the blow, injection, extrusion, and rotomolding. Thermoplastic tubes and coverings can also be created by vacuum forming.

Wire Products

Thick wires are often used for racks, baskets, shelves, and cages. These can be found at a parts sourcing factory. The raw materials can be bent, stamped, or welded for your merchandise. Components that require more precision can be electroplated. If you want wires that are resistant to corrosion and wear, they can be plated with nickel or chrome.

These companies also produce thin wires used in electronics. These cables, cords, and connectors can also come with harnesses, which can protect the wires from moisture, scratches, and vibrations. This reduces the risk of wiring problems.

Electronic Controls

Something else you can source is electric controls. These allow you to manipulate temperatures and processes with the push of a button. Digital thermostats, electric cookers, and process controllers are some examples.


Some of these companies also offer prototype development. If you haven’t completely figured out the design of your product, a prototype can help you out. It can serve as a model or a sample. This will help you find possible kinks and issues in advance. A prototype can be processed by Poly Jet, 3D printing, or metal casting.

Get in touch with a product sourcing company today to get high-quality parts for your merchandise.

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