?? facts about Aleppo

 facts about Aleppo: 

Aleppo is the oldest city in the world worth millions. One of the oldest cities in the world that is inhabited continuously. It has about 4.5 million st. Its origin reaches far back into history even 6000g.pne Attractions in this city are Souk (bazaar, market) famous for its age and size. Length of covered shopping streets in Aleppo souk reaches 30km. The fortress in the old part of the city was built on an artificial hill raised 50m and is surrounded by a defensive Sanco of the 13th century. The entire site of the old part of the UNESCO Heritage of 1986g. Great Mosque of 713 years in the city center which houses the relics of St. Zechariah, father of John the Baptist. The city is famous as the home of soap, which is still produced. New hope for this very impressive city give these two young men with photos that they were married on the ruins of their city. Her name is Nada Merhi and his name is Hassan Youssef


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