Picking a Victim – 1

Deja needed a man for the next five years.   

Her boyfriend, Cal, had to marry his benefactor who would pay for  his medical degree.  

Deja needed to find a man who had some property that she could get her name on so that when she divorced she had something to bring to the ‘table’.

She had searched for an unattractive stupid guy with property.  But not just any unattractive stupid guy.  He had to be one who was suspicious of others, who thought he was intelligent, and who would easily be fooled by a submissive stupid woman like herself.  

Deja found Jos, took her time, and soon enough was married and her name was on the Title to his lovely house..

Just after Cal graduated,  he cheated on his benefactor with her very own best friend.  Benefactor tossed Cal out with nothing  (except his Medical degree)  and went for the divorce.

Deja convinced Jos to take a mortgage on the house and  she would,  to hide it from the tax man, invest the money in this venture.

I reality, Deja  pocketed the money,  left Jos and shacked up with her boyfriend, Cal.

Jos had trouble paying that mortgage,  and eventually lost the house.  By that time,  Deja and Cal had married, and that mortgage money helped him set up a private practice.

As I said, an Abuser spends a bit of time ‘researching’ the victim.


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Written by jaylar

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