Humor will keep us alive.

As the world self quarantines, fearing a devastating pandemic, it’s important to understand that while we all languish in fear and anxiety, we need to find ways to keep our sanity.

We are all watching social media, and while there are hundreds of scary posts about the number of Coronavirus cases, deaths etc. we also are able to see many people’s coping mechanisms.

One that has kept me going through these times, but also through other tough times is the ability to find humor during the tough times. One of the vehicles I have used for this humor recently is the humble toilet roll. As I become more housebound I am sure that the humble toilet roll will feature in far more of my daily posts!

The cover picture is perhaps my favorite and steals from Shakespeare.

The second picture is my entry to those ‘cute baby’ contests you see all over Facebook! Do you think I’ll win $2000?


What do you think?


Written by SimeyC

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