Workout 6.15.21

Tuesday, 6.15.21

This morning, I decided to go to the gym. When I arrived I noticed that people don’t have to wear a mask inside the gym. I was excited that I can actually breathe while working out now. 

I went on the treadmill to do the Preikestolen, Norway trail. Since the treadmill internet wasn’t working, there wasn’t any video or pictures of the area. It was just a rocky map. As I walked the trail, I noticed that it is very steep, going up to 20 incline. I maintained my walking speed of around 4.0 and 4.1 for 35 minutes. I ended up walking 2.37 miles and burning 486 calories. 

Then, I went on the stationary bicycle and cycle for one hour. I cycled 8 miles, burning 150 calories. 

The total amount for this morning: 10.37 miles and 636 calories for one hour and 35 minutes. 

I went on the internet to check out photos of Preikestolen, Norway, and noticed that there are lots of hiking trails there. So, I found this video of the Preikestolen, Norway hiking area called Pulpit Rock. It looks more like a large yoga meetup. It looks like fun. This Pulpit Rock goes up to 2000 feet, and it usually takes 3 hours round trip to hiking it. Wow, I didn’t know that gym treadmills are educational nowadays. 

I sweated a lot during this workout. I returned home, realizing that I need to go to Albertson to buy litter for Gumby. Everyone inside Albertsons were still wearing a mask, but one of the clerks stated that only the people who took their vaccine can enter without a mask. The guy behind me said he took the vaccine but he is still wearing a mask. 

I returned home and ate my vegetarian lunch with Bigelow Matcha Green Tea Latte–(I added 1/4 frothed milk on top of the tea to create the latte). 

This evening, I have a walking meetup, which is around 4-5 miles around two lakes. 


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