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Is sunday morning. This time my daily plan is completely filled up with things to be done. I took the morning coffee and went to the morning running along the sea. Morning coffee, run and shower are my perfect recipe for good day start.

Today, I plan to give Airbnb guests the keys. It is very unusual that this time the guests are Latvian young people who wish to celebrate their birthday in a peaceful atmosphere with a guitar. This will be the first time I personally do not show the apartments, but we talked to meet in a small bar.

The list of things to do was fulfilled one after the other. There was a moment when I had to hurry to give the keys. At that moment, I noticed that a few percent of my batteries were left in my phone and that there was no charger in the car. How can this be? Will I forget to charge my phone overnight or just use it so intensely that the battery simply “gave up”? As long as I have such an opportunity, I hurry to write down the name of the person – Karl, the telephone number and the address of the bar, where after 15 minutes there is a conversation meeting. Damn it! I do not even know where exactly this street is located in Riga and what will happen if my phone does not survive it? At this point, I try to remember how to turn on super saving mode on my Samsung phone when the screen stays black and white and closes almost all of its features and applications, allowing only the call and sending of sms. This process consumes 2% of my phone battery to 1%. Perhaps I should go to the store and buy another car charger or power bank. Unfortunately, in the vicinity, I do not mind any store where to buy one. And I do not have time either. As in almost all businesses, Airbnb’s reputation is very important. The feedback depends on how many guests will stay in the future.

At this point, I understand that I dont cnow what to do without my phone. In the normal situation, I would enter Waze, go the fastest route and put my favorite music on Spotify. On arrival, call Karl and without any problems, hand over the keys. At the moment, I can only hope that the phone will “draw” at least one call.

This time I was not allowed to think other things in the car, but just focus on the road. The bar managed to find it surprisingly easy, and as soon as the door was free parking. I was trying to call Karl, but as soon as the “call” button was pressed, the screen showed the classic Samsung logo and turned off. I’m left without communications. In order to make the situation even more beautiful and brighter, I also miss the opportunity to pay Mobilly parking, so try to keep up to 15 minutes in order not to be punished.

Going inside the bar, I naively hoped that its only visitor would be Karl. I noticed that there were two young brave people who were talking to each other at the counter. Clearly, one of them is Karl. I shipped to both young people, I spoke to Karl.

When I got settled, I left the bar. I’m seated in the car and I’m glad that everything has turned out so well. At this point, I began to wonder how much I became dependent on technology. How many telephone numbers do we know from now on? At least know the numbers of your beloved person or parents? I must admit that I have long since only known my own telephone number. I know some who do not even know it. What would we do if Facebook did not remind us of all the anniversary friends? How did people survive before these technologies, without which we can no longer imagine our daily lives? I remember that in the past, the dad in Riga knew all the streets and all the possible detours in order to avoid large cork during the congestion. Nowadays, we do not have to worry about it anymore because Waze will take you on the fastest paths. However, it would be interesting to find out what time savings would come if other drivers using the same Waze traveled without you along the same roundabout?

However … Is it bad that there are a million assistants that make life easier for us? Is it bad that when you are tired of a job you do not have to think the best routes to your home, but in the meantime you can figure out what to buy at a store, or quickly figure out your own plans for the evening? Is it bad that you can remember all your friends and acquaintances anniversaries, congratulate them and thus not lose contact at all?

Of course, I do not know where all the technologies will lead us and who is still waiting for us in the future, but it has changed a lot in our lives. However, we must not forget what the real values are and how important it is for people to communicate in life. At the very least, when it comes to lunch with friends in the cafe or talking to your parents, it might be better to put the mobile phone aside, and for half an hour to go for unhindered conversations and genuine laughs. In my opinion, it is necessary to find the ideal balance between real, human values and modern technologies, because both aspects will affect our future in any case.


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Written by Ingus

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