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What do you know about MIGRAINE HEADACHES?

I’m one of the 21 million + people who suffer from Migraine Headaches.

Migraines are not “just a headache.  I have Chronic Migraines (sometimes lasting up to 14 days). Migraines cause horrific pain, and at times, disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, smells, noise and some people become nauseous or vomit. Migraine pain is pulsing or throbbing in one area of the head and usually long-lasting.

Mine began in my late teens and have stuck with me until this very day.  They are bilateral (each side of head) and typically weather-related,  with horrific pain lasting weeks, coupled with countless trips to the ER for relief. Migraines have caused me to miss too many sick days off from work, countless days spent in a darkened room with an ice pack strapped to my head and numerous times when I’ve missed out on the joy of life.

Try this quiz to see if you know about migraine headaches.

Resources for info on migraine can be found at:

The Migraine Trust

  • Question of

    A migraine is not “just a headache”, and a migraine sufferer can compare their pain something like this: A normal headache feels like a “mosquito bite” vs. a full-blown migraine feeling like a ____________.

    • snake bite
    • bite from a lion
    • bite from a shark
    • bite from black bear
  • Question of

    It’s reported that Americans can have these many migraine attacks every day.

    • 190,000
    • 175,000
    • 125,000
    • 200,000
  • Question of

    A migraine usually lasts?

    • 1 hour
    • 2 hours
    • 1 day
    • 4 – 72 hours or longer
  • Question of

    Chronic migraines are headaches or migraines that occur at least _____ days of the month. 8 of which must be migraine.

    • 13 days
    • 14 days
    • 12 days
    • 15 days
  • Question of

    Migraines are caused by?

    • Stress/anxiety
    • Depression/sleeping too long
    • Food
    • It’s a neurological disease not a disorder, however, there are triggers
  • Question of

    It’s reported that this many millions of days are lost every year due to migraines.

    • 10 million
    • 15 million
    • 25 million
    • 5 million
  • Question of

    What are some types of migraines?

    • Cluster
    • Migraine w/aura
    • Chronic
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Sometimes during a migraine, you feel embarrassed while having this.

    • brain fog
    • brain laughter
    • brain cry
    • brain moaning
  • Question of

    Has Botox ever been used as an pain aid for chronic migraines?

    • No, Botox is only used for face lifts
    • No, Botox is a type of bandage
    • Yes, in some cases it has been successful
    • Botox is a food and wouldn’t work


What do you think?


Written by livinginstigma

Mental Health Advocate anti stigma, struggle w/depression, PTSD, chronic migraines, narcissist survivor. Blog chronic pain & invisible illnesses. Writer, poet.

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