Underwater Sports Enthusiasts! Your Survival 101 as you take the plunge!

Do you know someone who is bored with the regular water activities and wants to experience something extraordinary the next time she/he hits the beach? Someone who is more inclined towards going deep inside the water, and befriending hagfishes, lampreys, eels and sharks? Then be a nice friend, and reveal to them the thrills of Underwater Sports! In the present day, we can see that water sports have been growing popularity among backpackers and tourists. The best part is – this is a sport where age is no bar! You can plunge right in and have fun even if you are not a seasoned diver. With large variety of options available that suits your budget and capability, you shall feel like a kid in a candy store!

Are you finding it difficult to pinpoint which Underwater sport is right for you? Research is the key! Be it online, or be it by connecting with fellow enthusiasts with experience. You may Google about Croyde Surf Shop, and visit their nearest outlet situated on the coastline of North Devon, especially if you feel a little jittery about dancing with the waves and the flora and fauna of the ocean. They shall have friendly experts ready to help you with tips, tricks and trappings.

Top 6 hacks to survive inside water

There are a plethora of gears to buy or rent once you develop serious interest in Underwater Sports. For example, if you are looking for spearfishing equipment in UK, consider The Board Barn store. Their customized and sustainable speargun outperforms any trouble you face under water. The store has a variety of options available for everyone to fulfil their lust for adventure. They take special responsibility to provide the best quality service. Don’t forget to grab their specialized masks and snorkels for better visibility inside the water. However, make sure that along with the correct belonging, your friend is also aware of the several techniques and hacks he should know before diving in. Wondering what? Read on!

  • Carry Breathing Equipment: While going inside water, breathing is the first and foremost thing to be taken care of. No matter what kind of adventure it is, picking out the correct breathing gadgets accordingly is very important. Read about the options that are available near you to avoid risking your life. After all, your life is much more precious and important than just blindly swimming in.
  • Read Articles: There is a very old saying that “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” by Jim Rohn. So you know — Research is the key! Start reading about the positive and negatives of underwater activities. Write down all the points and remember them while sailing under water. And don’t forget to share your knowledge with your friends and family so that they don’t land themselves into difficulties.
  • Check the Weather Conditions: Don’t forget to install some weather tracking apps beforehand. These applications are thoroughly designed to make you aware of the climate changes that occur from time to time. Keep a track of the appropriate time that is perfectly suitable to go under water. Early morning is considered the best. Avoid going inside water during late afternoon and night.
  • Stay Close to Your Lifeguard: Whether you are a first timer, or have done the sport a hundred times before, staying close to the lifeguards is necessary. They are always better prepared than all of us. Listening to them is very much essential, since they know the tricks of the trade thoroughly.
  • Don’t Harm the underwater Marines: While going inside, you will encounter several fishes — from small to large — surrounding you. The ocean bed is full of flora and fauna. Few will come in front, and disrupt your visibility — but make sure not to injure them while finding your way. You need to learn how to handle the situation. Take guidance from your mentor. There are several dangerous fishes residing inside the water, make sure to tackle with care if you encounter any of them and dodge the situation.
  • Pick some Bug Spray and Creams: Apply cream all over your body before wearing your costume, so that you don’t carry back any germs and infections along — and return only with fond memories from the aqua life. Certain sprays and lotions are available that are specially designed to protect your body from water insects and bacteria.

So, the next time you are planning to spend your Sunday in the beaches, don’t just sit and waste your time making castles in the sand, run towards the vastness of the sea and indulge in some water sport – you are sure to wow your friends and family with your experience.


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