Top Styles for Ladies’ day

The horse racing season is underway and when it’s Ladies’ day, all eyes are on the fashion statements that racegoers choose to wear. But how do you get it right?

The excitement sizzles in the air and for many, this is the social event that they have been looking forward to for weeks – ladies’ days are held at most major horse racing events from Aintree to Ascot but there are few things you need to be aware of before you buy your on-trend outfit…

Do follow the ‘code of dress’

Some race meets do have codes of dress when it comes to Ladies’ day and other special events at the ground. Ascot, for example, does not allow strapless dresses but there are also rules that talk of no halter necks and spaghetti straps. In recent years, the enforcement of these rules has loosened a little but there are still etiquette experts that suggest a strapless dress on ladies’ day is still a no-no.

Why not…?

Opt for a pretty floating Broderie Anglaise in full length and puffed sleeves? Or, the semi-tailored silhouette of the ‘90s minimal style will also see you through the day and stay on the right side of any dress codes.

Don’t go in fancy dress

Again, this comes down to dress codes but also relates to the etiquette of the day. Ladies’ day is the day that everyone makes a ‘special effort’ to dress in their finest threads, a throwback to when events of this kind were rare but important social occasions. In many ways, they still are with celebrities and royals enjoying the day dressed in the latest fashions and styles. Don’t waste this opportunity by turning up in ‘fancy dress’ as you are unlikely to make it into the grounds…

Why not…?

A knee-length fitted dress with ruched body detailing is the top order when it comes to women’s wholesale clothing orders this season. Pinching in your waist, they give you a beautiful silhouette that is perfect for ladies’ day at any race meet.

Do wear a headpiece

The wearing of hats and fascinators is a must at many ladies’ day events, especially at Ascot. Those in the royal enclosure have their own sets of rules to follow and for the rest of us, a headpiece must be worn at all times. For ladies, you can be as imaginative, big, and bold as you like. If you are not keen on battling with a large-brimmed hat, a delicate but intricate fascinator will be just perfect. Always match your hat or fascinator with your bag and shoes, an essential tip for formal dressing at this kind of event.

Why not…?

The wide-brimmed ‘UFO’ style hat is a hot trend this season. Worn on an angle to your head and face, opt for a block color that matches perfectly with your shoes and bag. Many ladies match the whole outfit in one block color, a beautiful way to make your mark on this busy social event.

Do think ‘below the knee’ hemlines

The days of women being told what they can and can’t wear should be long gone but there are still events where there are strict dress codes. Thankfully, your hemline isn’t one of them although some race meets do prefer that hemlines are on or below the knee. Thankfully, there are plenty of options.

Why not…?

The full-length maxi dress is one solution especially those that have the designer touch. Don’t go for the bohemian look, unless you really want to, opting instead for a softly tailored silhouette to your ankle-length dress.


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Written by Kiera Ellis


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