Top 7 Ideas for Dream Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding day, couples are often limited with multiple obligatory elements and they feel a lack of opportunities for generating something special. We believe that there are a variety of ways to organize your dream wedding, all you need is just thinking outside of traditional wedding conceptions and do not be afraid to experiment. Let’s try to investigate some ideas you can use as a ground for challenging sameness.

Environmental wedding philosophy

You, most likely, know that eco-friendly items are on the cutting edge of trends today but you cannot imagine what opportunities for being creative they provide. Just keep in mind environmental stand while planning your day and you will discover unexpected wedding solutions. Starting with the reception’s décor elements and ending with the bride’s dresses and groom’s suit – everything can be different. Eco-friendly materials, like wooden elements or man-made diamonds, healthy menu options, thematic leisure like birdwatching are a few possible tricks that can endow your wedding with originality. This idea works excellent for an open-air celebration where you can bond wedding details with the natural landscape.

Family spirit

What makes us unique? Family determines our identity and thus highlighting a family spirit is a good idea for the wedding. Use it to personalize your wedding space, create a nostalgic environment for your relatives and help your guests to be closer to you spiritually. You can use family quotes or jokes for decorating the lounge zone. While reading them, your dearest could look back on the best shred moments and tell the stories to guests. Considering the fact that your wedding day could also have interesting and memorable phrases, you can leave the blank spaces for filling them with new quotes.

Wedding taste

While many couples choose the wedding theme, you can focus on wedding taste. Think about a unique ingredient for your wedding menu. You can choose cranberry, for example. This berry could be equally good for desserts and for adding to any other dishes or beverages. It also could be involved in wedding décor, added to the bride’s bouquet, etc. The main thing is not to overdo with the taste. Consider that some guests could not like the chosen ingredient as you do. One core dessert, one main dish, and one cocktail will be enough for making accents.

 Mystifying your wedding

A wedding day is mystical for you by default, make it miraculous to each of your guests. It is quite easy to do. You can offer cookies with predictions or give the amazing names to the cocktails in your bar like “happiness” or “impending marriage” or something like this. The easiest way is creating a message “Make a wish” just near the table with your wedding cake. Your guests will willingly make their wishes when taking a piece of cake and be sure they will further inform you whether it has become true. In such a way you will create extremely positive associations with your wedding day and it will become special not only for your couple but for many people around.

Incredible experience

A wedding day is a start. It is high time to try something new, become involved in a new activity, and get new experience. Allow it to happen. You can do anything you have not done never before and provide your guests with such an opportunity. It could be flying the balloon or just master-class on painting. The kind of activity does not matter but novelty is the point. Believe us, this small nuance can bring plenty of fresh emotions to everyone and your wedding will be not only your dream moment but also a dream day of your guests.

Energetic refueling 

 It does not matter how impressive and the joyful event is, each guest might have a desire to take a minute for refilling energy. When it is said about the wedding that lasts long enough, the need for relaxation becomes urgent. Care about organizing a special zone with comfortable chairs or sofas, dim lighting or candles, books or journals. If you have an open-air wedding ceremony and celebrate somewhere on the ocean coast or in the mountains, design a stunning “oasis of calm” just on the water or on the mountain’s peak from where the person can observe a magnificent landscape. Moreover, this place can become the epicenter of romantic, sincere discussions and multiple revelations. Be sure, your guests will appreciate your care and talk about your wedding as the most soulful and intimate event they have visited ever.


So it happens that in the modern world one should be disconnected from the Internet to become connected to reality and other people. There are no doubts that everybody has many tasks and obligations requiring being online, but you know that only some of them are urgent while the other can be delayed. Create a space free from the Internet by asking your guests not to use their devices during the ceremony. Do not nurture illusions that you will be able to disconnect everyone – more so you do not need this. The majority of guests will follow the rule and become involved in active interaction and wedding activities. It would be enough to maintain a festive atmosphere. Your guests will certainly remember your off-line wedding as the brightest event. The point is in interpersonal interaction, which could not help but bring an extremely bright experience.

In short, your wedding is your dream. Personalize your day as much as possible. Be free to express your emotions, offer your unique vision, organize entertainments and activities, which are loved by you and your guests. Do not be afraid to seem strange even when your wedding dream is unreal, crazy, bizarre. Your purpose is not pleasing to everyone but making your wedding dream come true. You have the only chance, so do not miss it!


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Written by Brooke Collits

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