Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles of 2021

Stay on Trend with These Ideas!

When it comes to hair fads, they’re always changing, and 2021 is no different. After spending almost a full year at home, people are more ready than ever to change up their look. And this year’s trends harken back to decades of the past, add a bit of spice to our lives, and channel our inner rock star.

For the rest of 2021, we can expect to see these hair styling and hair coloring trends. Which one will you try?

1970s Shag
What’s retro is new again! Women are channeling their inner Joan Jett and asking their hairstylists for a 1970s-inspired shag haircut. Like a mullet, it’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, but unlike a mullet, it’s less of a drastic change in length.

To get the shag of your dreams, ask for face-framing layers with light feathering and a shape that suits your facial features. 

Cute Bobs

A bob will never be out of style! A-line, inverted, and asymmetrical bobs are still popular in 2021. Ask for edgy layers and texturizing to avoid the helmet-hair look.

Bobs are suitable for almost every face shape and hair texture, so your stylist will be able to customize yours so you look great.

Pastel Hair Color

Bold mermaid hair is out, and soft pastel shades are in! These pale colors remind us of cotton candy, taffy, and other sweet childhood candies.

You’ll want to start with blonde hair so your pastel hues show up nicely. You can ask your stylist to apply the pastels to your lightened hair, or you can use color-depositing conditioners at home, so you can change up your shade as you wish.

Know that blue and green tones can last a long time, so you might want to think about that before alternating between cool and warm tones.

These painted-on highlights are enjoying their decade in the sun, it seems! Natural-looking balayage gives multi-dimensional color to your tresses, without looking heavily processed or like you’ve spent hours in the salon (although you have.)

To find a hair colorist capable of the perfect balayage, look to social media to find an expert in your area. If you like what you see, book an appointment with them to secure their salon services.

1990s Bowl
If you lived through the grunge era into the early 2000s, then you’re familiar with this boys’ or men’s haircut. Although true bowl cuts don’t actually involve kitchen dishware, they do give the appearance of cutting around a bowl on one’s head!

The trendiest cuts include a middle part (we know, Millennials… we know), and we’ve even seen some not-so-subtle frosted tips, too! Remember when we said what’s old is new again?

Whatever Billie Eilish is Doing
A hair chameleon if there ever was one, BIllie Eilish is a style icon when it comes to her gorgeous locks! She started her music career with lime-green roots and dark strands, but today, she’s rocking a gorgeous old Hollywood blonde vibe that we love.

If you want to stay on trend, just look at Billie’s hair for inspiration.

Permed Mullets for Men
The mullet is back in a big way, just like the women’s shag haircut.

The business-in-front, party-in-back look is even getting amped up with tight perms on the longer section of hair at the back of the head.

And no, you don’t have to love Billy Ray Cyrus to participate in this trend.

Another vintage hairstyle making its return is the pompadour for men. A men’s pompadour requires longer hair at the top and sides, which are swept up and back. Slick and shorter sides finish the look. Think Elvis and John Travolta in Grease.

A pompadour isn’t for the man weary of hair product, as achieving one does require at least a couple. But the finished look is a stylish 1950s ‘do that looks good on almost any dude with a thick head of hair.

Keeping Up with Hair Trends
Because hair trends change drastically all the time, if you opt for a dramatic change to your hair, it may take some time to grow out and be ready for the next new style.

Taking good care of your hair can ensure it grows properly, so it’s ready to be cut and re-colored to stay on trend. Regularly-scheduled trims and protecting your hair from hot-styling tools are two ways you can help you hair grow and grow and grow.


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