Too Late – Jim – 2

There was a time, before he became involved with Ivy, in which he could see both sides of an argument.  There was a time when Jim could be persuaded by logic.

There was a time Jim  associated with people, such as the one who wrote the private message, who had actual connection to politicians, who could actually tell him what was really said and done and meant.

Ivy knew no one, belonged to nothing except her church.  Yet, Ivy could rant for hours about a topic she knew nothing about, as if she were a paid representative.

There was that about Ivy, a sense she knew everything and was never wrong.

At first, he had deferred to her, for she had a degree and he did not.  That he held a well paying job was not weighed in the equation.  That she rarely found a job, and then only on a temporary basis, was a shrug.

Ivy held herself as brilliant and superior and Jim believed her.


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Written by jaylar

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