Thoughts and Questions i wanna Share!

Hello everyone yes i am back with some thoughts and Questions i wanna share. Yes im thinking about making videos on you tube about different topics and ideas for videos in next coming videos what you think about having some puppets with there own little attitudes but getting to point across about the topic we talk about that day. These topics are random topics so if you like #DragontailTuesday and #WackyWednesday please don’t be shy and up-vote one or the other or even both. I figured out what the name of my dragon on my shoulder is going to be. I know i did a poll in #WackyWednesday but really it was my choice to choose the name of Kasmo Kasi. Was a unique name because i went on the Dragon names on google and they had a lot of names and honestly out of all those names Kasmo was in a few out of thousands and Kasi out of the millions i looked at not a 1 so that’s why i chosen ¬†Kasmo Kasi.



What do you think?

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