Thinking Ahead & Making Certain Changes

Monday, 4.6.20

I just noticed on my Virily profile page that I am still a Newbie. That is interesting! Also, two posting areas are still missing. That is why I am now using this “Story” posting for smaller posts. I used to use those other two for small posts with one snapshot or one video. 

I just noticed one of my old snapshots of a vegan pizza I created, which looked appetizing because of the colorful veggies, creamy avocado, and spices. My mouth is watering, looking at this snapshot.

I also noticed another video about 5G because of a tip, which involved to cover iphone with tin foil to protect oneself against the radiation. I am not sure I have any tin foil, but I think I will place my iphone, even when charging, inside a little wallet as a case. 

My Kendall&Kylie chihuahua keychain I bought on sale for my KL maize-colored tote appears to be ready contamination in the air. It fashionably wears a white bandanna with little one-eyes all over it for decor, in black and white.

Therefore, I think everyone needs to be alert and awake in order to think one step ahead of the Fake News they create and be prepared for anything thrown out into our face next…


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