There was No Love – part 24

Our   children went away to college, returning rarely. They married in  their college towns.  They married, obtained jobs and lived there, so that there would be family reunions at Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the Summers we would all meet at some venue.

We  were not close to our children. I don’t want to say they were  strangers or that we didn’t care for them, but what we did was more ‘play acting’ then emotion.

When they had gone off to college, Patrick and I discussed what would happen if they met someone they wanted to marry.

We  decided we would approve of whatever choice they made and avoid any interference.

I  suppose the distance Patrick and I kept from each other was translated into their lives, for they kept distance from us.  we called them every Sunday afternoon, we spoke for about twenty minutes.

That was our parental task.


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