There Was No Love – part 21

I had eaten lunch from the buffet, on the ship, then went to my cabin, used the facilities.  I then returned to the deck, sat  in a quiet corner to commence my ‘retrospective’.

I began that review of my life with Patrick, from the beginning.  Starting with our decision to escape prying eyes, questions, interference, by our ‘business’ marriage.  I went through the early days and, the reorganisation of our lives.

Every so often a waiter would pass and ask if I required anything. I would request coffee.

And I looked at the sea.

I remembered our first sexual encounter, neither good nor bad.   It was done more as a science experiment than a exhibition of passion.   I  recall my pregnancies and Patrick’s involvement.

I went through the years of how we organised our lives.  Going to work, coming home, creating those comfortable protocols to grant us space so that we never got on each other’s nerves.

It was an incredibly boring few hours.


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