The world’s oldest couple told the secret of successful marriage

The world’s famous oldest married couple has described patience and mutual tolerance to the only secret of their 80-year long relationship. In Japan, Massao and Miyako Matsomotoğlu age’s are 108 and 100 years respectively. According to the Guinness Book of World Record, they have been named as the world’s oldest couple. Both of them have declared patience and respect as main thing in full of their happiness. According to psychologists, these habits are fundamental to any relationship.

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According to Guinness Book of World Records, this pair was associated with marriage in 1937, and today the age of two is more than 100 years. They have five daughters, 13 grand daughters and 25 grand sons. Matsumuthu says that both of them have filled the happiness and calm life.

Although the average age of human beings in the US and other countries is compounded for 80 years, But weddings fail early with divorce, On this based, this couple have been described as a pair of relatition in the long term marriage.


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