The Punishment of a Long Life – 12

For almost ten years  Rebecca and Maxie lived in the same place, lived the same life they had.  As life got bleaker,  they decided to move to a retirement community.    Rebecca had mentioned it, Maxie had grabbed it, and told her to choose.

She choose.He agreed.The one selected was two thousand miles away.  It wasn’t as if they were leaving Harriet, she had left them years ago.

They went across country, found their new home, and  tension disappeared.

The discarding of Miriam and elevation of Harriet had been uncomfortable.    People they hadn’t seen for some time would ask about them, and they’d have to lie or invent.

Now,  so far away, where no one knew them, they could leave out as much of their past as they desired.

They were happy.


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Written by jaylar

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