The Played – 6

During the years of their respective marriages, Kat and Damian met  often.  Neither Kat’s husband,  Jerry or Damian’s wife, Simone, ever suspected.    Their abilities  to move about clandestinely were excellent.

After two years of marriage, Dami’s wife wanted a baby.    Jeremiah, Kat’s husband was talking about it as well.

Dami and Kat decided that it would be good for them to go through the ‘baby’  experience as a meaningless dry run so they would know what to expect when they were together.

Kat and Dami’s wife became pregnant at nearly the same time.

Kat got her name on the Land Title which made her half owner of the house that Jerry’s Grandmother had bought for him.   If she hadn’t been pregnant she wouldn’t have gotten this ‘gift’  so, in a way, she was being paid to have this baby.

After an annoying pregnancy, Kat had the baby, and dumped little Alice on Jerry.   She had worked to virtually the last minute and went back as soon as she could to get away, claiming, with tears rolling down her face, that they needed the money so to insure Alice would have a future.

Dami’s wife gave birth to a boy, Simone named Derek.

For Damian, the good thing about the baby is that  it gave Simone something to do,  and allowed Damian to spend more time at the hospital.

Kat lived the last years of her marriage as if at a bus stop,  waiting for Damian.   He spent those last years completing his Residency.


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Written by jaylar