The Played – 40

Winsome, like Kat, was the child of Jamaicans.  She had been born in Florida but travelled to Jamaica every year.

She had an ability to appear obtuse so that people would be a bit more chatty.

She went to the house where Simone and Damian had lived, knocked on the door, a stranger opened it.

She asked for Damian, but the stranger didn’t know of whom she spoke.  A few more words and it was learned that the house had been bought from a broker and they knew nothing of the previous tenants.

Winsome then went to the address where Simone’s parents had lived.   That house was  empty and for sale.

Winsome contacted Kat and told her what she had learned.

Kat told Dami when he got home, and he got a bit jumpy.


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Written by jaylar

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