The Played – 31

Simone,  Damian’s ex-wife (as Kat’s ex-husband, Jerry), never knew about Damian and Kat.  There was no hint.

There were no strange numbers on their phones, no missing hours, no  rumours.  Absolutely nothing to suggest that Simone’s husband or Jerry’s wife even knew each other, much less were intimate.

Damian and Kats ‘public’ friends didn’t know.    They lounged with  their separate crews at the separate hang outs and never  confided in anyone  or left any clue.

There was  only one person beyond  Damian and Katherine who knew the full story, that was Lucy-Ann, Kat’s mother.  And Lucy-Ann lived as carefully and clandestinely as they did.

Damian knew Lucy-Ann was intelligent enough to know that when she   traveled to Hawaii  it would be under one of her false names and a somewhat different appearance.

This was just in case Jeremiah grew a brain and would try to track her.

Not that Jerry could do a thing, for the divorce was complete, the marriage of Kat and Dami was official.

It was just that now was real and nothing from the false and ugly past should enter it.

Kat and Dami had lived nearly fifteen years of their lives having to whore and lie and cheat so as to survive. Now, free and safe and happy, they didn’t even want to remember those years.


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Written by jaylar

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