The Played – 30

Damian, as Kat, lived ‘undercover’.   Everything they did (outside of their relationship) was sham.

As part of their clandestine lives, they had ‘sets’ of friends.

There were a handful of friends/relatives they trusted who did not  associate with their public friends.

Their public friends knew only what they were allowed to know, so were unaware of the Kat/Dami connection.

Kat’s public crew had, by her request, ‘accepted’  Jerry.   She had told them, without fear that she needed him to marry her for her ‘legality’.   This was untrue.  She was already an American citizen, but they didn’t know it.

As Jamaicans, descendents of Jamaicans, they knew the game.  They pretended they liked Jerry, pretended to be his friend but were aware Kat had virtually been ‘forced’ to marry him.

Dami’s crew put up with ugly Simone on the few occasions they saw her because she was his meal ticket.

These public friends, like the spouses of Dami/Kat,  were on the outside.

Only the trusted friends knew some of the truth.


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Written by jaylar

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