The Played – 23

Damian and Kat loved Hawaii.

Loved the weather, the food, the life.  For  the first, they could be together.    They could walk into a restaurant,  sit next to each other, talk to each other.

Being poor, but having ambitions and desires,  they sold had themselves.

Damian had wanted to be a doctor.

He’d lived off girls and women all his life, married one who had the money to pay his way through medical school.  He had kept his relationship with Kat a secret.

No one ever saw them together.

No one saw them even look at each other if they happened to be at the same place.

They’d meet clandestinely, at some one’s flat or in a room at the hospital.  Sometimes, they’d be at the same place, and sit with their backs to each other.   One of them would take a phone, and as if they were talking to another, say something like, “I’ll be at place at….”   and the other looking at a menu might cough three times.

The one holding the phone either say, “Okay,”  or use a code to change the time… ‘only’ ‘double’ ‘try’ .All their lives, they hid their relationship.

Until Now.

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Written by jaylar

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