The Lucky One – (Vincent) – 1

Vincent was alone in the den, sipping a glass of cheap wine, looking at the Year Book.  It was over seven years since he graduated High School, this was all the past.

Yet,  he sat looking at that picture…

There was nothing much to it, a bit blurry snap of  a crowd on their feet  watching a basket ball going towards the net.  But there, in the first row he stood.   He stood next to Connie.   That was the last time he had been with Connie.

He made a bit of a rueful, a bit of ironic smile.  She was so pretty, so lively.

He recalled how they had talked about college.  She would attend a particular University, and how he, wanting to be with her, had claimed was also his first choice.

Right after the match, which the  picture  in the year book captured, they’d gone to the hangout.   There were a lot of people and she wound up talking with John.

When Vincent asked Connie if she was “Ready?”  she replied, “No, John will drop me..”


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Written by jaylar

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