The Lucky One – (Alana) – part 5

Alana had been married and divorced and also had children, so she was the ideal person to counsel Matt.

After that first night, where he poured out his heart, he came to rely on her. He phoned her often.  He was becoming a close friend.

They began to meet outside of Salsa and the relationship became a bit less platonic.

Shortly, they began dating.   He took her to fancy restaurants,  shows,  even to the North Coast.  Alana fell in love with Matt.   He said he loved her.

They spoke of marriage when his divorce came through.

He said he wanted her to live in his country and during her vacation, he would take her home with him.

To Alana this was the most romantic thing, ever, and she made the arrangements for  her children and asked her mother to take care of her house while she was gone.

It was so fantastic, like a dream.


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Written by jaylar

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