The French gangster Rédoine Faïd helicopter jailbreak again arrested.

The dangerous gangster ‘Rédoine Faïd’, who escaped prison on the helicopter in a film-style style, has been arrested again after 3 months. Police spokesman said the dangerous gangster has been shifted to a strict security place, where its momentary moment is being monitored. The arrest of a dangerous gangster is a big victory of police.

The dangerous gang surgery Rédoine Faïd were sentenced to 25 years in 2010, But ‘Rédoine Faïd who loved to  watch movies on gang-wise and his mind was planning something else, He  was successfully escaped like a movie character on July 1 this year on helicopter.

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Police said , Rédoine Faïd  have a lot of reputation due to breaking the jail in many cases of robberies. However, this time the police looks completely satisfied with their arrangement.

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