The Encounter – 17

It was a moment, a moment so heavy that breathing was hard.  A moment when it was all there, right in front of them.

It was a moment when she could feel her lips craving to touch his, her arms aching to embrace him.

He was about to take that half step, about to make that ineffable move when….Tommy  came out and made a big production about smoking.

He hadn’t noticed  the tension, the mood, he had seen them and said,

“Don’t you know that smoking kills?”

As he went to begin his next line, Denny said,

“Okay, time for me to go…  take notes for me on the lecture…”  and she walked away.

She walked away with a practiced grin, but the tears were burning.  She held them until she was home, in the shower.


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Written by jaylar

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