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Friday, September 21, 2018

I went at 10 am to the gym. I decided to do the Monterrey video trail, which is 5 miles, but I had to stop at 3 miles because he yoga class was going to start soon. The 5-mile trail would take around one hour and 15 minutes to finish, and I only did 3 miles within 45 minutes. After one hour of yoga, I decided to buy a fall 2018 fashion piece–a black fake leather or pleather moto jacket for $25. I also have a sea foam green moto vest in fake leather from a couple of years ago. I plan to use them in my fall wardrobe.

While driving today, I noticed there were mental cases on the streets trying to run into me or my car, mostly fro the back or side. They were speeding during rush hour traffic, which is how these accidents happen. It has already happened to me three times in the past with some dumbfuck. Now, I am paranoid when I drive, hoping and praying that these dumbfucks would stay the fuck away from me, and let me drive in peace and harmony.

I arrived home to work on a design project for a neighborhood contest. By 5 pm, I decided to go to the Woodbridge 2-mile sidewalk hike, and only 4 people showed up, even though the weather is cooling down. I returned home at 7 pm, ate a snack, and checked out internet sites until I was sleepy.


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