St. Tammany Parish employee shows his honest side to a citizen

It is rare these days for any public official to do the right thing when it comes to returning a purse that containing a large amount of money back to the person who lost the article.

St. Tammany Parish Environmental Services Supervisor Glenn Daughdrill who is employed by the parish that is located north of the Greater New Orleans area located a purse on the side of the road when he was on his way to work this week.

Daughdrill took the purse that contained a large amount of money to his office and although he was able to find out who is the owner of the purse but he was not able to contact the owner that he located a purse on the road on Thursday.

Daughdrill however was able to contact the daughter of the person who lost the purse later on in the day. The lady who lost her purse when to the St. Tammany Parish office building where Daughdrill is employed after her daughter informed her about the location of the missing purse.

The lady who lost her purse was very thankful that Daughdrill was able to contact her and return her purse with all of her money inside.

Lesson to be learned is that not all public officials in Louisiana are crooks that in the words of some comedians who are no longer with us “Steal your pants without taking off your shoes.” Three cheers for Glenn Daughdrill for doing the right thing.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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    • That is true since the joke of public officials in Louisiana is that they are so corrupt that they wind up in prison after their work is done as politicians.

          • Yes. That would be the citizens who are not government officials. Of course those officials appear to do the right thing when they can get credit for it. Then they get their money by adding some new tax or regulation that puts more money into their pockets somehow.

    • My pleasure Gina23 for showing the good side of public officials in Louisiana instead of the image of crooked public officials that make the news reports on television.